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1 Social Engagement on Twitter

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I'm followed by over 150 verified influencers on Twitter who regularly devour my varied tweets. My response to your tweets will generate buzz and I will also propel your reach by using targeted hashtags across the Twitterverse.`

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Dotun Adewunmi

Dotun Adewunmi

2K Reach

Hi, I'm a digital publisher. I actively blog on creative writings, global political issues from a critical perspective, graphic design and my reflections on my life experiences/growth. Through [link-omitted], I've copywritten for Fort Lauderdale realtors & lifestyle businesses. With you offering this great service for free, I'm interested in anything brands have to offer, I'll take it. With a keen ability to sell effectively, I think I'll be able to represent most brands' products/services. My favourite way to do this is by producing creative writings that not only promote but also entertain. Have a look at one of my blogs to see an example: [link-omitted] With this kind of expertise, I'll be promoting brands wares on my blogs and through my social media network, with hashtags for optimum reach. I hope you'll accept me into your fold. :) Thanks a lot! Regards Dotun @fr3espirit


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