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I will post an organic review of a brand on my blog.

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About this offer

I can craft in-depth reviews of gear and gadgets related to travel, especially biking and motorcycle-related content. I've also written reviews on food, drinks, apps, and games.

About the influencer

Kara Santos

Kara Santos

30K Reach

Kara Santos is a freelance writer and photographer based in Manila, Philippines. Her blog Travel Up, one of the top travel blogs in the country, features local and international travel destinations, extreme adventures, motorcycling, biking food trips, and video games. As a freelance writer, Kara's work has been published widely in broadsheets, print, lifestyle, in-flight magazines & online media.

I am open to advertisers and blog collaborations related to travel, adventure, tourism and the outdoors. For advertising inquiries and collaborations, please email me at [link-omitted].


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