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I will share reviews and photos on products.

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I'll create step by step tutorials and reshare them on my socials.
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I'll add your custom link to my TikTok bio for at least 1 week.
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About this offer

I will share photos of your products, products in use, as well as a personalized review on my personal facebook page and any applicable groups. If video is needed to demonstrate product use or will provide the best quality, I am more than happy to provide that when needed.

About the influencer

Sarah Park

Sarah Park

527 Reach

At 35 years old I recently made the decision to take a leave of abscence from my Pharmacy Technician job. A job that I have had since I was 19. These last 2 years have been a doosy for me and my family, as I can imagine they have been for most of us. So here it is, 2 days post Spook Spook, and I am scowering the interwebs finding ways to be a presence and make good use of my time and knowledge. With 3 kids under 18 and a husband who mimics a toddler (Gurrlll, I know you know ;p), I figured why not share my loves with products with all of you?! My absolute favorite pass time is playing in makeup. The colors! Working with different shades, textures, and [link-omitted] took me until now to realize my love for style and fashion. I want to be able to find new and exciting ways to style my body type so that I don't feel as if I am just a frumpy mom. Can't wait to start this new venture.


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