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I will share 1 post in my feed with your caption and photo.

i will create 1 story post for you.

I can also write a caption on your behalf.

if you have any additional request that's not part of the package, just let me know so we can negotiate about it.

About the influencer

Mark Que

Mark Que

8K Reach

Hi, I am Mark Que.  我叫郭芳泽。

I can speak English, Mandarin and Tagalog(Filipino)

I am born and raised here in the Philippines. 

I have vast experiences with Social Media Marketing, Copyrighting, Affiliate Marketing and Email Marketing. 

I am the founder of The Markqueteer. This is my personal blog that focuses on finance, self help, online business, marketing and recommendations.

I am the Founder of the following Instagram accounts: 

[link-omitted] - PH Travel

[link-omitted] - PH Food 

[link-omitted] - Health Information

[link-omitted] - Success & Wealth

I founded multiple accounts with combined followers of 100k. followers as of September 2021. I have a diversified niche including - food, travel, health, personal finances, business etc.

I create communities in Food and Travel Niche. 

I've started creating websites for my niche this 2021 and will be creating Youtube channels in the future. 

My skills include:

- Social Media Marketing, Copywriting, Email Marketing, Affiliate Marketing, Online Research and Surveys, Blogging, Video Editing, and Storytelling. 

If you have any questions about me, feel free to send me a message. 


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