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I offer advertorials on my blogs:

What are the price ranges for placing sponsored articles on your blogs?
You can make me an offer and we can make business

Could you provide an example of sponsored content from your website?

Where to play free Online Video Games?

Ideas for Your Side Hustle

To Bluff Or Not To Bluff – Bluffing And Tells For Beginners

Learn About the Songs That Have Had a Massive Impact on Our World

Discover Which Songs Have Been Reinterpreted the Most Times

Find Out What Budapest in Hungary Has To Offer

Exploring The Man Behind The Legend That Is Cafu

Is it true that Swedish Snus is safer to use than other forms of tobacco?

El impacto de Twitter en el mundo de los deportes

Where would an article be published? In a news list, relevant topic section, or in some type of special section?
Please take a look at the previous examples, the articles will be included in a news category

Will the article be mentioned on the homepage? Where?
The article will be featured in the homepage

Will the article be marked as Sponsored/Advertorial? How much will the removal of the Sponsored/Advertorial mark cost if that option is available?
The article will not me marked as sponsored / advertorial

Will the sponsored article stay on the website permanently?
Yes the article will stay on the website permanently

Will the article be indexed by Google?
Yes the article will be indexed by Google

Does the price include reposts on social media and/or in a newsletter to subscribers?

What are the limitations concerning the number of words/characters, number and size of images, and the number of URLs used per one sponsored article?
500 words minimum, 4 urls tops.

Will the hyperlinks be dofollow?
the hyperlinks will be added as dofollow

Are there any topics that are forbidden (gambling, betting, dating, political news, alcohol, cannabis)?
No, there are no forbidden topics

About the influencer

Emelec emelexista

Emelec emelexista

540K Reach

Sports blog from Guayaquil Ecuador


News from Club Sport Emelec

website started on 15 abril 2004

  • LRT Score: 0
  • Domain Authority: 40
  • Alexa Ranking: 1,417,705
  • Trust Flow: 44
  • Citation Flow: 33
  • TF/CF Ratio: 133%
  • SEM OK: 287
  • SEM OT: 73


News blog from Ecuador about technology music entertainment and reviews from new apps and corporate events

  • LRT Score: 0
  • Domain Authority: 19
  • Alexa Ranking: 2,740,528
  • Trust Flow: 24
  • Citation Flow: 15
  • TF/CF Ratio: 160%
  • SEM OK: 186
  • SEM OT: 17

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