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I will publish your promotial content on my personal blog with high DA/PA

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I will publish content that has been published on the blog on the Instagram story with the aim of linking to the content on the blog
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About this offer

Personal blog that I manage, has been trusted to publish promotional content by many brands in Indonesia and several foreign businesses.

You can immediately see which brands have collaborated by visiting: [link-omitted].

The types of content promotion cooperation available at [link-omitted] are as follows:

1. Anchor Backlinks / Sponsored Content ($20 USD)
Is a promotional collaboration by placing 1 (one) anchor text accompanied by 1 (one) link in the published article. [link-omitted] will make a paragraph containing soft copywriting.

2. Promotional Content Placement ($40 USD)
Is a form of cooperation in the form of placing content on the blog. Content is usually in the form of writing or articles that have been provided by brands or advertisers, then published on blogs by bloggers. This means, the blog owner only needs to post or display content that has been prepared by the advertiser.

About the influencer

kang. Dirman Personal Blog

kang. Dirman Personal Blog

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Hello Advertiser,

I will publish your business promotional content on my blog and also my social media.

Why do you need to cooperate with Dirman Personal Blog?

  • Blog is always updated regularly,
  • Have DA upto 25,
  • Has PA upto 35,
  • Content adapted to the latest SEO rules, so that it is easily indexed in search engines,
  • Do-follow links,
  • Anchor Text and links, *valid for the lifetime of the active blog,
  • And there are many advantages that will benefit your business/service.

What collaborations are acceptable on the Dirman Personal Blog?

  • Sponsored Content
  • Content Placement
  • Original Content Creator
  • Banner Promotion

If you want to know in advance some of the business owners who have worked together, please contact Dirman Personal Blog right now, get special offers for those of you who are working with us for the first time.

Thank you,
Wish You Success Always.


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