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I will Geeky Faust Blog Review

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Attention all tech enthusiasts! Are you looking for a blog that delivers informative and engaging content on the latest technology trends and innovations? Look no further than Geeky Faust, the premier tech blog for all things geeky and tech-savvy!

Geeky Faust is the go-to source for all the latest tech news, reviews, and analysis. Whether you're a seasoned tech professional or simply a curious beginner, their team of experts provides in-depth insights into the latest advancements in the industry, as well as hands-on reviews of the hottest new gadgets and devices.

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About the influencer

Faust Haeja Crismel Principe

Faust Haeja Crismel Principe

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Hi, I’m Faust-Haeja Crismel Principe

I am a content creator,  writer,  tech and food blogger, and certified Facebook marketing advisor and consultant. I started blogging in 2008 and celebrating 13 years of blogging content.

I worked and collaborated with local and international brands here and abroad, with the goal of raising awareness across all social media platforms for improving quality of life.

I want to share, inspire, and influence brands out there to come, collaborate and join me in this awesome journey!


I'm Faust Haeja Crismel Principe the author and the brain behind [link-omitted], and [link-omitted].

Born on November 11, 1977, a dinosaur in the flesh!

Hailing from Guadalupe Cebu City, Philippines, eldest son among the four siblings from my father's side Anthony Principe a doctor, and my second mother Melba Guerrero Principe a nurse.

My biological mother is Rosalie Salabar known by her peers as a Radio DJ named Pine Diaz, who previously worked as a radio announcer for Y101 Cebu.

As far as I can remember my childhood days, spanning the years from the 1977s 1980s, and mid-1990s and beyond pave way for my journey as a kid while growing up.

Somehow, out of nowhere, I developed gamer syndrome resulting from the love of playing a family computer.

The gaming console is pieced together with a red rectangular joystick controller, finished with a white body case.

The cartridge resembles a cassette tape in which the gaming software is stored. A bit bulky to carry around must be plugged in the gaming machine!

I think this was the first family computer console from Nintendo if timeline history serves right - I got hooked to it.

A day is never complete without me playing the Nintendo family computer console.

I still remember playing different Rambo versions, Contra Force, Star Wars, Arkanoid, and the all-time Super Mario version 1, 2, and 3.

The colors are quite flat, with 8-bit 2D graphics render, still playable until today I guess? with the likes of Nintendo DS, PSP Pocket, etc, and other handheld gaming consoles.

In 1991 I migrated to Davao City to pursue my dream and studies with the guidance of my parents 

Curiously, this is where I got a glimpse of an actual personal computer my parents bought.

The personal computer PC back then was a 486 DX architecture clone lacking a math co-processor, 1024 megabyte internal memory, black monitor monochrome CRT screen, connected to a Star Micronics dot matrix printer.

Loaded with Disk Operating System ver. 6.22 on top is managed by Direct Access 5.1 menu system, holding all the games, spreadsheet, and word processor - Lotus 123, WordStar 7, Windows 3.10 all defunct.

The computer is filled with games, and my all-time favorite was Wings of Fury, Prince of Persia, Carmen San Diego, Lemmings, Sango Fighters, Pacman, Galaga, Space Bats, and others.

I also wrote some basic and simple computer software programs in turbo basic, pascal, and a little bit of study of assembly or machine language.

The logic and never-ending vast crunching of numbers were sheer and voluminous in size and caused me some memory buffer stack overflow, and memory displacements, and therefore prone to such system crashes.

I was not prepared for it, so I decided to shift to another course and it lead me to a profession in teaching.


In the year 2001, by his grace and countless blessings, I graduated as a Professional Teacher for Secondary Education at the University of Mindanao, Matina Campus.

Soon after I landed a job as Computer Graphics Layout Artist at OrangeGrove Hotel in Buhangin, Davao City.

The job was quite a challenge, designated as head of design, and took the helm of making catchy graphics, vector layouts, logos, sketches, and illustrations for print and local newspapers.

Designs were presented to the hotel manager/boss. A nod of approval was then submitted to a local newspaper print, and promotion, for advertising purposes.

My preferred choice of graphic layout software was Coreldraw. I felt comfortable using it mainly because it was UI-friendly, and for the most part I'm acquainted with the program after years of countless usage, and self-training, from business cards and wedding invitations.

In addition to my job description, I was also tasked to do backdrop cut-outs made from new and recycled, repurposed Styrofoam left-overs to be used for different occasions like; wedding, debuts, baptisms, etc.

A few months later…

The news broke about the licensure exam results for teachers.

Excitement, tension, and worries were all ahead of me. 

I was overwhelmed. I scoured the internet for sources of the results, double-checking, and verifying.

And Low!

To my surprise! looking for my name, tough luck! I could not imagine I successfully passed the exams. 

Overjoyed, I called my parents over the telephone and told them the good news that I passed the exams!

A Happy proud parent could not agree more.

Finally, I acquired a professional teaching license diploma and card from the Professional Regulation Commission.

The year 2002, I was invited by the City Government of Davao to work for them with the help of my father as deputy mayor.

Assigned to the Planning Section under the Department of Education, Division of Davao City. 

Tasked to do the dirty job doing data entry for education statistics, enrollment data, and performance indicators, for school needs analysis.

In the year 2003, the Information Technology/ Management Information System Officer-In-Charge position was vacant, the Schools Division Superintendent happens to be Gloria P. Labor, Ed. D. Put me in place.

Gave marching orders, and delegated me to take over and oversee the technology needs of the division.

From this point, there on, I learned the language of Information Technology, and how to set up, install, deploy, and manage servers.

This could not be possible without the support, of attending seminar enhancements, and workshops related to Information Technology (IT).

The private sponsors were glad to help us, funded by the Philippines Australia Basic Education Assistance for Mindanao (PA-BEAM) thru its IT Manager and friend Redentor Rola.

With the timely collaboration with the Department of Education Region XI and select Division IT Managers from different divisions, there was this need to develop and outline the needs of the division by showcasing its accomplishments thru a web-portal project as a result of the week-long technical training.

To develop a website from scratch for the DepEd Davao City Division Office, finally launching it at the Regional Level.

In the training, we configure, set up, streamline, and harden software and hardware firewalls.

We implement web content filtering, network health monitoring, and lastly attending to user queries and performing coma-inducing technical support, was no easy task for a one-man army running crazy!

Things got sour.. work burnout… a fall-out with the management…

June 2008, I was reassigned to Manuel Roxas Elementary School under Sta. Ana District to work at the school guidance office doing menial jobs and later on introduced a website of their own.

In July of 2011, finally, after serving approximately seven (7) and a half (1/2) years working as a rank and file employee at the office, I applied for and landed a teaching job at Pablo Lorenzo Lorenzo National High School of Mandug.

The rest is history in the making…


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