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I will review anything you offer

0 Social Review on Twitter


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+ $25
I'll share the Tweet post to my non-Twitter accounts.
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I'll share the Tweet with all my email subscribers.
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The Twitter social review will be in thread format over 3 tweets long.
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About this offer

We are an Ambassador for [link-omitted] so we work with brands such as NASA, Lions gate, GFUEL and more. We can offer advertisement for your brand during any tournaments, podcast, and daily shows we produce. Your product will be shown to 1000's of gamers, streamers, and content creators. The Zexie Network has around 400k total impressions between all of our socials, website, discord and streams. We post on Ticktock, Facebook,Instagram, clapper, Bit clout and we are an insider into the crypto world. We also are developing a NFT game called battleblockz and have over 3k in our discord to show you ad to as well.

Here is our Pitch Deck [link-omitted]

About the influencer

Rebel Dawn Studios llc

Rebel Dawn Studios llc

5K Reach

We have over 400k in Impressions on social media, we are fully staffed to meet your every need and get you or your product in front of Thousands of potential customers.

We build custom commercials, Graphics, emotes, and much much more. 

We accept payment in crypto, debit cards and paypal if you need another way to pay please let us know right away. 

Scum Server Rebel Dawn PVP/PVE 5X loot,No lag. Game Devs, Web3, Game Servers, NFTs, Freelancing business Ambassador for



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