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I will absolutely love to promote any product on my YouTube channel!!!

1 Video Review on YouTube

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About this offer

I would love to promote, explain, and review products on my YouTube channel.
I love to give as much information about the product and of course try it out myself.
I think positive and negative reviews are necessary, as anyone can improve on their products and sales by growing and learning! Not only am I very honest but I am very funny, so if I talk about your product, trust me nobody will forget it.
I speak very easily and love to be on camera. I am a voice to so many, let me be a voice for your business!
not only all of this... but also to continue my own YouTube....
kind regards.

About the influencer

Tella Cordier

Tella Cordier

380 Reach

Author. Mother. Crime enthusiast. I like to be an influencer on my YouTube channel, discussing my books, or heart break stories. 

I love to write and practice Krav Maga.

I am currently in remission from breast cancer and i love to support others in my journey. 

I had an interview with Kate Delaney recently about my novels. YouTube is the next best thing for me and my small business. 

Where I do editing, cover designs and crafts. 

I also own an adult shop. So [link-omitted] is a gift! Open it everyday 

I love seafood, i am obsessed with jewelery and any product to make my hair grow faster!

I love online gaming and relationship related things. 

Give it a go. You won't be dissapointed..


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