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I will quote the existing post and by this increasing its reach and engagements

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About this offer

my offer provides a wide range audience. With my account following I can gain several retweets and relevant engagements making the post to trend and reach desired audiences thus achievement of the intended goal

About the influencer

Robert Musyoka

Robert Musyoka

20K Reach

I'm a very passionate influencer.. with zeal to try out new things, embracing change and in love with quality.

I am willing to try out Brand products and give my very best opinion on them. Bring out what I love most about them, bring out the value they add to me personally and even to surroundings. I'm able to pursuade my audience through my social media profiles and other mediums where I can do a review to get the product and give it a try which in turn will make them a consistent user.

I enjoy surfing the internet and so I do know of trends and what people like at a particular time or rather seasons. I'm in a position to understand the different types of people and the target audience the brand Desires thus very easy for me to drive the message to the desired clients.

Given the chance I'll work well with branda that they would again and again want me to influence for them.

I know I can deliver across my social media profiles for I even have an added advantage of a huge following.

Influencing is what I do, I give my best and I enjoy influencing, I have the passion, the zeal, the skills, the language, the understanding among other qualities a brand is looking for in an influencer.

Can't wait to do more influencing for Brands.


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