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1 Video Review on YouTube

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About this offer

Apart from being an Influencer, I am a storyteller. introduce products through stories, photos and videos. I studied public relations major. Mastering the science of marketing and management

About the influencer

Fitriyah .

Fitriyah .

5K Reach


my name is fitriyah. I'm from Lamongan city, East Java province, Indonesia

I am an influencer and writer. In addition, I am a storyteller and literacy activist. Mastering the science of management, secretarial, writing. I am also a worker in an agency in the district. I like traveling, watching movies, writing, reading books. I'm married. I'm interested in art, history, parenting, hobby, beauty, travel, otomotif. I am writing a book and antology. My first book title Karena Senja Punya Cerita. 


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