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I have real authentic friends on Facebook, making whatever I share believable to accessible to anyone no matter the price.

I will post products and someone times put marketing money if I am paid well to reach the right number of people on each post I publish.

About the influencer

Realeboha Khumalo

Realeboha Khumalo

13K Reach

I'm fabulously creative, perfect combo right? I live for the lens and Social media life. I have been doing this for a while now, so having me on your side will be the greatest decision.

I recently decided to purchase my own domain name, and start all over. I believe I have finally reached my peak, I am absolutely ready to tackle the blogging world. Preferably becoming one of the best family m & Lifestyle Blogger in my country then the world. 

Come on let's take this journey together. Let's give my 14.3k instagram followers & 2k Facebook friends something to talk about.  

I love blogging it's not a job for me, it's merely my life. 


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