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I will Promote your brand to my followers bringing more exposure to your brand.

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My job is promotion. Awareness is huge in community building and the focus on creating a more empathetic world broadens all cultural outlooks. I would to bring your product to my followers.

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Janet Torrence

Janet Torrence

60K Reach

I am an artist manager as well as a brand builder. I represent brands through promotions and blogs. I use my platforms for building. A brand/fan builder to be exact. I am the hostess of an educational and exposure podcast.  I would be interested in receiving promotional items/sponsorships from product brands to advertise, represent and be endorsed by, as well as bringing more consumers to exciting new products with my influence.

As a member of the cultural arts, my company strives to be real, projects education and advancement to those looking to achieve their goals through investment and promotion. My new podcast, THE COMFORT LEVEL WITH JANNYSHMANNY is designed to expose artists, companies and brands through worldwide online application platforms. Providing low cost advertising concepts diverting consumers to independent entrepreneurs and larger scale businesses. Building a more widespread audience reach on over 14 different platforms that are commonly used on a daily basis. [link-omitted]


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