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I will write review contents with basic SEO and Storytelling

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About this offer

1. The article is created with basic SEO.
2. I write it in storytelling style.
3. I will write the article not only based on product knowledge but also combined with my own perception and opinion.

About the influencer

Henny .

Henny .

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Hi…It's Henny here. Nice to meet you. Firstly, I want to introduce myself so we can enjoy our collaboration more and more.
I'm a mom of a sixteen y.o sweety girl and also as a blogger, a content creator, and an influencer. I do love capture anything with my smartphone then share on my social media and I love sharing my opinions and stories of my life on my blog at [link-omitted]
By the way, when you visit my blog, you will find that most of my articles are written in Bahasa Indonesia as my native language. But don't worry, google will be available to help you in translating.
That's why I'm open to work with people like you who want to improve the brand or the site, so that more people around the world will know yours. It will be a fun collaboration, because I will do my job with my ability in SEO basic, Storytelling, and Copywriting.
I hope you will enjoy our collaboration and we can work together again and again. Because, there's something special and blessings through helping people reach their dream life.
Thank and Regard,



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