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Jane Wambui

Jane Wambui

35K Reach

I am a dependable and hard working individual and my qualifications match the experience and skills required by this position. I have three years of experience working as a laborer and I am familiar with the various tools used in this profession. I have great hand-eye coordination and I can learn new jobs quickly.

I have the ability to manage my time wisely and to multi-task in order to complete daily jobs in a reasonable amount of time. I have the skills to follow verbal and written directions, to perform jobs that require repetition and I have experience using a variety of different machines such as the ones used by your company.

I always put forth my best efforts to get the job done in a timely but efficient manner. I am in excellent physical condition with the ability to stand for long periods, perform heavy lifting and to work in all types of weather to perform the job required. I am self-motivated and have the ability to work without constant supervision 


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