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I will do a product testing video.

1 Social Review on Instagram

Account #1 (391 Reach)

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About this offer

Send me your new product. When received, I will test it. Upon completion, I will post a review to Instagram including text, pictures, unboxing, videos or any combination. If listed on Amazon, I will send you the video due to being unable to post a review on that platform. I am able to purchase from them.

About the influencer

Rebekah Cox

Rebekah Cox

13K Reach

I can purchase from Amazon but currently am unable to review. I will review on my socials though.


For whatever reason you have decided to spend a few minutes reading this bio. I appreciate the interest even if this isn't a fit this time. Doing unboxing, demo, review, and fun videos has been so much fun and helped me break out of my shell. Thank you for reading and delving a bit deeper into the crazy and fantastic world of this momma, wife, worker, boss, daughter, friend, fur momma, and more.

About me and my family:

Yoga centers me. Hiking and gardening calm me. My family and pets cheer me up when I am down. It is not abnormal for me to disappear into a good book or writing my book series.  I have a fairly eclectic taste in music, movies, books, food, projects, and clothing. Our family includes myself, the hubs, my wild 7 year old trick-or-treat, and two rescue fur babies.

At 36, I am on a journey to find and love myself, while getting fit and enjoying nature. Clothes no longer terrify me and I have come to terms with the skin I'm in. We craft, DIY, do most of our construction renovation, and cook as a family while blaring music of the 80s, 90s, and 00s. My social media is family friendly, uplifting, and body positive. [link-omitted] if you want to see a sampling of what I've done perviously.

I will work with anyone but not by taking on financial hardship. Willing to do written or video. I hold an MBA so writing and public speaking are not issues. Products I love may get free reviews on all my media not just the one. Looking to experience new products and companies. I especially love companies that are just starting, echo friendly, socially conscious, or give back to some worthy cause (animals most of all).

What I'm looking for:

Interested in trying clothing, body or face wash, yoga equipment, outdoor products, shoes, hair items, snacks, car stuff, home decor, arts and crafts, candles and room sprays, stuff for feet, cleaning tools, electronics, kitchen items, etc.

Can recruit to assist:

The hubs has assisted on cooking/kitchen items (he is the main chef in our family for good reason). He was also a mechanic for 21+ years and now sells parts.  He is really enjoying the perks of all these demos.

The kiddo is all boy. Any water toys, RC cars, form dart shooting toys, marble runs, interlocking building blocks, fishing, small metal type car and experiments. He has no fear. Loves to go rock climbing and hiking.


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