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About this offer

Hi my name is Evee i'm a creative talent and content creator
Let's collabs and work together for the audience
In social medias people just get bored when someone just shove a product to their screen asking them to buy something.
That's not something i want to do. My approach is to get your brands get known better, what's your cause, what's your selling point, and from there we can work together to create a creative content that people would enjoy, get entertained, get some values out of it.
So let me know if you have a product that you think match my profile.
My aesthetic is all about fun, bright, beautiful, lovely colors, and spreading value of joy, happiness, health, women empowerement, inclusivity.
Check out my instagram page to check more of my work.
I look forward to work with you.
Thank you for reading :)

About the influencer

Evee Lavie

Evee Lavie

31K Reach

Hi i'm eveelavie

I'm a social media influencer and creative content creator on instagram

I'm also a fashion designer which is why all my contents are designed to be aesthetically pleasing and appealing

I have 30k+ instagram followers mostly consist of female and i post relatable daily contents

My specialties contents are

Fashion : self designes, daily styling

 art : artistic aesthetic posts

Travel : virtual travel, travel guide and reviews

foods : food reviews, simple houshold recipes

daily tips

All posted in cheerful and bright engaging vibes 


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