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I will review your products in a unique way promoting growth in your brand.

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I will promote your products on my Twitter where I have a large audience of both male and female followers increasing chances of your product reaching a new audience

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Jessica Ashe

Jessica Ashe

7K Reach

Hi! My name is Jessica Ashe, I am 22 years old and I have a passion for all things beauty, fashion and lifestyle. My main social media platforms are Instagram and Tiktok where I encourage self love, kindness and striving for success. I have a background in Finance and Marketing, experience running a beauty business and experience working for/with high profile influencers. My audience is currently made up of 67% females and 33% males My Instagram @jessicamarieashe has seen over 75,000 impressions in the last 90 days and averages around a 24% engagement rate. With my passion for beauty, lifestyle, fashion and encouraging people to feel confident, I would love to be able to effectively show off your brand to my audience.


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