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I will create a reel/post where your brand will be the hero

1 Social Review on Instagram

Account #1 (8K Reach)

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I'll share the Instagram post to my non-Instagram accounts.
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About this offer

We will help your brand reach an engaged south asian community via our post or reel.

Based on your product or service our content can focus on educating the audience about the usage or we can also create brand awareness with entertaining content.

About the influencer

It's OK Yaar

It's OK Yaar

12K Reach

It's Ok Yaar is a Content Platform for South Asian Immigrants

  • Educating, 
  • Entertaining & 
  • Empowering the Desi Community abroad.  

How do we aim to tell you that "It's Ok Yaar"? 

By creating relatable content through our Blogs, Sketches, Shows, Web-series, reels and more.

If you have recently moved abroad or you are a long term NRI , check out our content as there is something for every South Asian immigrant

“It's OK Yaar” is also a philosophy by the desi community lives by.

 It’s a nod to our undying spirit and our perseverance that makes us take the leap of leaving our homes and move to a foreign country. No matter the situation, we’re ready to roll up our sleeves, get our hands dirty and begin again. Talk to any of us about your problems, & we will eventually tell you, “It's OK Yaar”. 

It is our way of saying, Don’t Worry, everything will be fine.



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