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Make sure never to use the headline suggested by LinkedIn. Use the headline to build up your personal reputation as an expert in your field. This is why it is advisable to create your own and very personal headline! Use the 120 characters at your disposal effectively to show what kind of expert you are and what value you can provide your clients with. You can become more visible and successful by using a personalized headline. Take this opportunity to raise other people‘s interest, leading them to visit your LinkedIn profile. Use this space for your self-marketing!

Use a language that speaks to your clients

Use a language that speaks to your clients and adapt your headline to your clients. Which target group is your focus? What are the personal or professional objectives that you want to achieve? Once you have asked yourself these questions, you have made the first steps toward creating an individualized and target group oriented LinkedIn reputation.

Show your value

Regardless of whether you use LinkedIn for Social Selling, for a new job search or for digital networking, your Personal Value Proposition should be integrated into your LinkedIn headline. Besides your job description/title and the company you work for, you should specify your Personal Value Proposition, that you offer to your client. What makes you unique? Which specific knowledge and skills do you have?

Use key words  

The key words are definitely the key of success! By using the right key words other LinkedIn user or potential clients can find you more easily. A lot of users don’t know about this possibility and the magic of the headline. Ask yourself what your clients would look for if they want to find somebody who can help them. Someone who, for example, offers exactly the service they are looking for or who sells the products they are interested in. By using the right key words you can be found easily and you can be contacted by interested clients! Put yourself in the position of the client who wants to find you. Ask yourself what a client would look for and which key words he wolud use to find you!

Use the right signs to separate the words in your headline!

Your headline should be individual and should give a value to your clients! These are the rules if you are interested in generating more clients by Social Selling! Make your LinkedIn headline efficient and concentrate on those things which are essential. Use commas, vertical bars (|) etc. to divide your headline into different sections. If you want to have some examples look at my profile (Melanie Kappel) and (Felix Schonarth). It is not always efficient to put job titles in your headline if you want to be found by others!  For any questions you can contact us easily by LinkedIn, phone or email.

Good luck!


Your partner for Social Selling trainings in the B2B context, LinkedIn trainings and Social Selling strategies. We empower you and your team! Trainings available in German, Italian, French and English!





Melanie Kappel

Social Selling B2B | Training Contract Management | Strategy Consulting | Workwear Specialist | We give you today ideas for tomorrow !


@Tibor Schady, es freut mich, dass Dir der Artikel zum Thema LinkedIn Headline gefällt. :-)



Melanie Kappel

Social Selling B2B | Training Contract Management | Strategy Consulting | Workwear Specialist | We give you today ideas for tomorrow !


@Eliane Crispin, un article qui peut t'aider pour tes projets :-)



1 Reaction

Melanie Kappel

Social Selling B2B | Training Contract Management | Strategy Consulting | Workwear Specialist | We give you today ideas for tomorrow !


@Mirko Kern, könnte auch für Sie und DC DruckChemie GmbH interessant sein.



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