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I will share product and information on Facebook and or Amazon

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+ $25
I'll reshare on Facebook up to 3 different times.
Bronze package
+ $35
YouTube video shared to Both of my Facebook pages, tiktok, IG Snapchat, Twitter and pintrest. The video will include 1st impression 1st time use all specific information. My thoughts & experience using, final& all postives.
Dimond package
+ $88
youtube video,shorts,lives,pics, posted purchasing link. tiktok, snapchat,Twitter, IG, pintrest. 1st impression, impression while using, all postives, extra content and info. 2 brand managers to permote to hundreds of thousands of potential viewers.
silver package
+ $48
pics (on all outlets) a short on snapchat, tiktok and IG 1sr impressions, impressions while using, final thoughts and all postives
Gold package
+ $55
pics ( on all networks) shorts on YouTube, IG, tiktok, snapchat, a pin on pintrest and a tweet both will have all vitql products info and personal testimonial from me. permoting product 3x on each network over rhe period of one to 2 weeks its up to you.
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About this offer

I will share the product and pictures and or a short video on Facebook and or Amazon along with a description in my own words and my personal account after using the product. this is a simple way for products to get a amazon reviews with a bonus of being permoted on Facebook. I do have more extensive permotion options listed if this do4s not seem like enough for what you are looking for. this is just the very basic

About the influencer

Amanda powell

Amanda powell

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I am a new reviwer and permoter of products. All of the deals i have gotten i have reached out for. My YouTube just went live a week ago with so much more to come including 2 series 1 in which i chop all my hair off and regrow it (also coloring it live ) we are going to see how long it takes. i have lost over 150lbs very quick and most of my hair sadly with it. i am also doing a skin care series as my skin took a big hit with the weight-loss and the products i was using before are no longer giving the desired results, plus i am getting older and just for kicks i am going to document the process or remodeling my filming area including my old ugly vanity lol using epoxy resin for the 1st time with holographic and iradecent glitter. I also plan to do my huge dresser and my little funky perfume table. This includes painting them and changing the hardware. But in-between the series videos i am always looking for new products to test review and permote! This may be a new venture for me but i always give 110% I am highly motivated and extremely determined! I can promise you this if you put your money on me you wont lose

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