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I will create reels, multiple post with picture,video and sound then share!

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I'll reshare on Facebook up to 3 different times.
+ $50
I'll share the Facebook post with all my email subscribers.
Share over all my social platforms and shops
+ $1,000
I will create and share a post specifically about your company, share it 3 times on all my social platforms, including but not limited to Facebook, Instagram, snap chat, only fans, shopify, wix blog, wix shops, YouTube and more!
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About this offer

I work on several different platforms, I have e-commerce shops on many of the different platforms such as mercari, poshmark, Instagram, Facebook market place, eBay, shopify and many more. I am familiar with the different systems and the type of people they host along with the taste and interest they keep so I'm very versatile in cyber sales and networking.

About the influencer

sherre malli

sherre malli

89 Reach

hi I'm sherre, I like to stay busy, always making something or telling someone how to me something:) I like to feel good, I like to look good and I like when the people around me feel good and look good to, inside not just outside:)


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