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promote the brands by sharing and re-sharing!
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I will promote your brands by sharing the product campaign on my Pinterest accounts. I will also share the links on my other social media accounts.

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Niilanjana De

Niilanjana De

7K Reach

Hi! This is Niilanjana De from India, a Digital Influencer with Intellifluence, a reputed US-based influencer marketing platform.
I have worked as a Graphic Designer & Brand Communications professional, at PCBL & RP-Sanjiv Goenka Group Corporate for 21+ years.

I am also a professional Artist (painting), Tarot Reader, and a Numerologist.
My yearning for creation had led me into the space of Painting, Graphic Designing, Communication, and New Age Technology at an early age.
Nature always inspires me to passionately follow my heart’s yens. It made me traverse the path that always unexpectedly emerged out of oblivion. 
Obtaining academic and professional qualifications, and then taking up a corporate job and receiving a state-level award by Rotary International, Kolkata, India, at the age of 23 – Life had been an adventurous journey for me, so far! 
Fine Arts/ Graphic Design:
‘Esoterica’ takes various forms in my paintings through the ‘Stream of Consciousness’ concept. It enables me to explore and render shapes to the flow of thoughts in my conscious mind. 
My work is primarily based on the various slices of life, which at some point transcends the drudgery of the daily routine. When it comes to the portrayal of human characters in the paintings, the preference is for a feminine form over that of a masculine. In the case of mediumistic paintings, the subjects choose my canvas. 
Both my vibrant and subtle color palettes bring out the warm hues and dark undertones that are concealed in the depth of the human psyche. The Sacred Geometry and esoteric symbols add to the symbolism in all my compositions.
Influencer Marketing (blogging), External and Internal Corporate Brand Communication, CSR, Graphic Designing, Event handling, and Anchoring.
Website: [link-omitted]
YouTube: [link-omitted]
Niilanjana De is an Intellifluence Trusted Blogger  


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