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I will highlight the interesting features of the food and drink

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About this offer

My friends know that I enjoy describing and highlighting what's good and interesting about a new food and drink item I have recently discovered, whether I concocted it myself or bought it.

About the influencer

Roselynn Jane Villa

Roselynn Jane Villa

1K Reach

I am a public relations professional by day, and a dilettante urban gardener and barista on off days. I'm a believer in Christ, saved by grace, but still learning how to apply that grace in every opportunity. I am also realizing every day that it is more blessed to give than to receive, so I am purposely and actively planning my finances so that I can increase my giving in my own little way.

Recently I have started learning watercolor and ink and wash painting and I am so excited to see where I can bring this new skill.

Interests include discovering new places particularly on foot, solo travel, and train rides; organic farming, vermicomposting, food fermentation as a means to be self-sufficient and add to the country's food supply; reading, learning language rules, which is why I dabble in a little bit of Japanese, Korean, French, and Spanish; history especially food history not just for meal enjoyment but to understand a people's culture better, and self-improvement. 

I like the ritual of manual grinding and brewing my coffee every morning, and of assembling beverages to serve to my family and relatives.

I keep a blog at [link-omitted][link-omitted]


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