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I will Post reel and photo with product description

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I'll add your custom link to my Linktree for at least 1 month.
I’ll add your custom link in my beacons domain
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I can add it as a favorite product or app or whatever it may be, or I can add an entire page on my domain dedicated to product. I will have your link in my domain for as long as you would like.
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About this offer

I will post product upon receiving within 2-3 days if not sooner and I will send in for approval and also ask for any revisions which I will do within 24 hours.

About the influencer

Skye Morrison

Skye Morrison

31K Reach




I am 29 years young. I’m silly and have an eccentric personality.
health & wellness, comfort, self care

im silly though to so.. and my attire is always asked about. mainly female followiing.

 I recently became a full time influencer and plan to peruse it, as well as doing promotional modeling. I travel. Im open to travel. I currently live on the beach in FL and I surf, longboard at sunset. I do edits. I use link pages. I’m all about self care since beginning a self love journey. I struggle with mental health and physical so i always share that struggle but also ways to improve it. I love coffee. I’m making my surroundings more comfortable. More pleasing. Blankets, pillows, decorations.  A healthier wellness routine. I don't have a particular 'niche'. I'm just authentic.  I’m very driven and I never mind revising. I love opportunities. I also do barter/product exchange campaigns often to. I’m open to a wide variety with a mainly female following. :) I promise I'm driven. I quit everything to become a full time influencer. Its worked out for me well. I'm just open to doing as much possible. My engagments growing as my new profiles after losing 100k increase! :) It's my dream, my goal. I eventually want to move somewhere because of opportunities ect. Oh, i also frequently do Amazon influencing. I do lots of reviews 5 ⭐️ plus video and description!



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