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I will promote your service on Twitter

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Marked as AD, I will share your promotional message on Twitter.

Get your offer in front of an international audience, reaching new markets.

The Twitter promotion can assist in getting exposure and engagement for your brand.

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Paola Bassanese

Paola Bassanese

10K Reach

Food and lifestyle writer. I have written about topics including food and nutrition, lifestyle, stress management, interior design, payment providers, technology, remote working and travel.

I have created websites and have grown their traffic organically. While my favourite social media platform is Twitter because I enjoy writing, coming up with ideas and having conversations, I am a bit fan of YouTube.

Interested in home interiors and avid watcher of any YouTube tutorial or house tour that's out there!

I have created recipes and always find inspiration from local restaurants. I have also published a recipe book and currently growing my own vegetables because... why not? I am also keen on green energy and reducing our carbon footprint.


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