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I will share the brand's Facebook post or create a post for them

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I can create a Facebook post for the brand with descriptions and with photos that they can provide. The client can also give me instructions on what they want to include specifically with the post.

About the influencer

Mona Verdida

Mona Verdida

14K Reach

I am a work-at-home mom of two. I write what I like and I write mostly about my experiences in my travels.  I write about food, education, finance, travel, product reviews, beauty, home, or other lifestyle-related topics. I have been contacted previously by health companies, donut companies, and toy & merchandise companies to do a blog post for them (fresh article and pre-written). 

What I love about writing is that I can express myself freely and it feels nice when people react to my articles and say that they can relate to what I felt or have the same experience as I did. It's a win-win for me.  

I have experience being a transcriptionist and currently, I work as a link developer/link builder. If you're also looking for someone who can send emails or answer chats/messages from customers, you can contact me and I can work for you part-time/full-time. 

My first job was actually as a secretary in a real estate company. I answered phone calls, and emails, scheduled their meetings, did the photocopies, attend the board meetings, and others.

I eventually tried working in a BPO company. I was a relay operator who helped support deaf/hard-of-hearing people to make a phone call to other people. 

After working in a BPO, I tried exploring working at home. It started when I got pregnant with my first child. Taking care of my son was my first priority, but I also wanted to help out my husband financially so I also looked for a part-time job at home. That's when my home based job and my blogging came about. 


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