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I will post a video review of the product

1 Video Review on Instagram

Account #1 (2K Reach)

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Add Story
+ $25
I'll add an Instagram story to accompany a grid post.
Extra long review
+ $50
I'll do a Instagram video review in excess of 5min
Custom graphics
+ $25
I'll include custom graphics on the Instagram video.
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About this offer

I will post a video where I review the product and tell my followers how it works. I can either try it out during the video or show the results.
The sim is to make my followers aware of the product and my experience with it.

About the influencer

Mandisa Shabangu

Mandisa Shabangu

4K Reach

A mommy who likes to cook, eat out, travel. I love experiences and doing new things and taking in what the world has to offer. I'm keen on anything that involves dressing up, looking good, then doing some exploring. I love dining out and trying out different cuisines. I like reviewing things be it gadgets, places, establishments or events. 

There is so much out there for everyone. one needs to take it all in. I love people and I have realised overime that I am not the introvert I thought I was. I make friends easily and have a lot to say, but I am just as much of a listener. 

I am an affirmative and generous. Those are my key qualities. The best thing about me is I don't sweat the small stuff and you will never feel small around me. 

Social media is a way for me to express myself. What I like, my life journey and what makes me tick. 


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