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I will create a reel and/or an aesthetic post highlighting the product/service.

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About this offer

I will create content putting forward the product/service and how it finds it place in my day to day life so I can reach people that recognize part of themselves in me or my interests.
I will do my research on the brand and product so I am sure to put forward characteristics and assets that matches my personality and always make sure not to diss a brand or my own image.
Depending on the needs it could be either a normal post with the company tagged or a reel.

About the influencer

Estelle-Henria Djouaka

Estelle-Henria Djouaka

11K Reach

I am an african young woman in America that loves aesthetic, beauty and personnal development. I creatively share my taste and point of view on my subjects of interest and always appreciate a good laugh. I take pleasure in creating my content and might even be a little perfectionnist on the corner but enjoy doing what I do !

I have worked in building brands in my hometown, on the creative side, I have been a model for brands and photographers in my country and some upcoming brands in Canada. 

I am a big fan of social media contents. I love to analyze well made content, share interesting accounts and use what I learn as a way to better myself. 

I currently work with some upcoming brands on their marketing strategies. Mostly well-known acquaintances and friends.  

My dream job is to be an expert consultant in the Marketing field. 

I love museums, arts, travelling, culture and being african ! 


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