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I will enage with your current, previous and/or upcoming posts!!

1 Social Engagement on Instagram

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I will engage with your audience and brand on past, current or upcoming posts to increase brand social proof and organic engagement.

Max 2 posts!

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Valerie Evans

Valerie Evans

2K Reach

I'm an adventure enthusiast & nature obsessed explorer who believes photography and style are art forms. I aim to educate others about living a natural and eco-friendly lifestyle because taking care of our bodies and our earth are fundamental to our wellbeing! My brand focuses on genuine connection and meaningful relationships! When you partner with me you know it will be a mutually beneficial relationship for your brand as well as myself and my audience!

A little more about myself:

I started traveling abroad last year and decided that it would be best for me and my family to start traveling abroad full time. Being in different cultures and environments has taught me how to create deep and genuine connections, both personal and professional. I've learned to see others point of view more clearly while also cultivating my ability to firmly make my own decisions leading to increase of my own success and creativity. I strive to strengthen my creative ability by creating content that inspires consumers to positively interact with brands and even their own life choices. I aim to be an inspiration to a multitude of people by provoking emotion through graphic visuals, making the experience more memorable and relatable. My main focus is on social media content as this is what I enjoy participating in most.


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