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I will write product review in my blog especially based on my experience.

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About this offer

Hello. I'm blogger from Indonesia. My blog concern to travel, family, food and lifestyle. I think my blog can promote your brand, because my husband, my children and I love traveling, culinary etc and enjoy every moment to share with blog readers.

My blog readers lives in Indonesia, so I will write in Indonesian.
I hope, I can be one of your partners to promote your brand. Thank you.

About the influencer

Nurul Sufitri

Nurul Sufitri

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Hi, my name is Nurul Sufitri. I am happy to be a housewife who likes to write and enjoy chicken and bread menus. My love of writing has also led me to various blog competition winners. Some of the awards that I have received can be seen in Portfolio and My Achievements on the blog [link-omitted] 

I also open the door to accept invitations and collaborations for products and services. Honest, informative, entertaining and helpful reviews, that's all that matters.

Began to join the writing community since 2011, Alhamdulillah I have spawned 1 serial novel, 6 anthologies and 1 children's book. Even though everything is still being done together, aka not solo, but I'm very happy and proud. 

In October 2016 I started writing on a blog which is a legacy for my future children. Pouring hope, evoking taste and appetite, bringing informative news, pleasing myself and happy to share, that's me. 

Please send an email to [link-omitted] or you can see some of my social media in full at Contact. Welcome to my blog full of 'Passion–Sincere–Journey' and fun! I hope you enjoy stopping by and reading my articles.


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