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I will Post review on my Instagram page according to your specifications

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About this offer

I will post my review according to your brands specifications on my Instagram. Let’s talk about a collaboration between us!

About the influencer

Jessica N. Paris

Jessica N. Paris

435 Reach

Hello I’m here to review products :)

I have currently been reviewing products for PPOC club, products like a espresso machine, espresso pods, toaster oven, juicer, blood pressure monitors, ear/forehead thermometer, oral thermometer, Ovulation/Pregnancy test strips, keto supplement for weight loss, biotin supplement for hair, brown sugar body scrub, dandruff shampoo, pillows, essential oils, Umbrellas, shoe inserts, etc.

I am interested in home/kitchen products, electronics, home improvement, beauty, health, kids stuff, apps, baby, outdoors, etc. If you have something not listed here, please ask as I will most likely be Interested in trying it as I like to try close to everything to be honest. 

I am looking to test more products in all sorts of different product categories! I look forward to working with your brands! 


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