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I will edit, proofread, and post 8x a day your post in facebook

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I'll reshare on Facebook up to 3 different times.
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I'll share the Facebook post with all my email subscribers.
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About this offer

I will do an hourly posting and re-posting of your social media postings and advertising in Facebook.
I can make a promotional video for your products that you are selling that you can use in your daily product postings

About the influencer

Emmanuel Dagatan

Emmanuel Dagatan

37K Reach

I am a Communication graduate in one of the most globally competitive universities here in the Philippines. My professional expertise includes YouTube content creation, research proposal writing, research proposal editing, full research paper editing, thesis writing, thesis editing, and master thesis editing. Currently, I do blogging and creative communication vlogging on Facebook, TikTok, and YouTube. Additionally, I monitor social media presence and complete daily social media outreach, I develop promotional social media campaigns to engage users and build followers, and I conduct research and assist with developing and analyzing marketing materials. 


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