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I will feature your product or service on travel website to boost SEO

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About this offer

Let me publish your product, service or business on my travel website. A website post allows your product/service to start ranking in the search engines (SEO) for high-volume keywords. We feature gadgets, travel gear, products, services (touring services, travel insurance, etc.) and businesses that can relate with in a travel niche.

This ever-green content will boost your visibility in Google search engines by including targeted SEO keywords and links back to your personal website/social media to maximize online traffic. Including images will also help you rank. Your content is permanent and you get a new SEO backlink of your business from it.

About the influencer

Charles Moss

Charles Moss

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My name is Charles and I would LOVE to be an ambassador that will speak and represent your brand/service! My primary focus involve brands or services in or around the travel industry. This could include places to eat around the world, travel gear and accessories (electronic devices, hats, backpacks, storage containers, etc...), and travel services and accommodations.  I am also open to more including online funnel systems, SEO strategy services as well. 

I consider myself pretty tech savvy, with a combination of 14+ years experience in customer service. I have a charismatic, down to earth vibe, that is genuine, enthusiastic, and passionate! I am also pretty active on my social media platforms which I enjoy creating interactive campaigns bringing creative yet effective product/ service awareness.

I've represented brands for various products and companies such as Walmart, Celsius Live Fit, Planet Protein, Amazon Prime, and T-mobile. Corporate conferences, live sporting events like Royals Baseball, Pegasus World Cup, and NASCAR. 

Just to name a few, I've also supported live events such as Susan G. Koman Breast Cancer Awareness and Navy Seal's Battlefrog Competition.


I'm in the perfect South Florida location being that I am 5 minutes away from the Hollywood/Ft. Lauderdale Airport,  20 minutes away from both Miami (Wynwood, Downtown Miami) and Ft. Lauderdale locations.

If you believe I would be a great match for your upcoming campaign, or need a voice to help spread the word about your awesome product,  please let me know if you need any additional information from me! I look forward to working with you and giving your product or service the voice that is deserves!

This is the future!


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