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I will like and comment a brand post

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About this offer

I will like and comment a brand post or more brand post if requested. I can refer or tag a friend to the brand post if is in target with my comminity, a single or a group of friends who are following me.
The base price for me to do this is intended per one engagement activity from the above, and in the sharing case, for each single share.

About the influencer

Elisabetta Pendola

Elisabetta Pendola

4K Reach


SEO specialist and passionate foodblogger about healthy & happy eating for a healthy & happy living @ [link-omitted]

In life I never act or think by protocols. I Create (and sometimes Solve) Problems. I'm In love with Colours & Healthy Food!

Into details:

Holistic SEO Specialist, Organic SEO Specialist, On Page SEO Specialist, Technical SEO Specialist with the help of Semrush, Google Analytics, Google Search Console, Ahrefs, Yoast, Impact Hero, Google Optimize.
I have care and attention to the speed of the site on each device.
My seed keywords are: Responsibility, Accessibility, Silos Structure, [link-omitted], Data structure, Breadcrumbs, SEO copywriting, Analysis and optimization of relevant content, Internal and external links, Sitemaps, [link-omitted], Canonicalization, Google commands, REGEX, Chrome inspector console, Chrome Dev Tools, Chrome Audit, Google Trends, CSS, Core Web Vitals, Redirections, CDN, Content management, AMP and the overall user experience (UX design and UX writing).
I am currently part of the Focus @ Semrush research group
I am Obsessive Compulsive Markup Json LD Micro Data Structure, SEO Optimized Writing for User Search Intent and lately parameter freak Core Web Vitals (LCP CLS FID TBT), since to I got a job interview from Junior because
I'm not a huge fan of off-page SEO and linkbuilding, but you'll probably see me doing it for holistic consistency unique HTML metatags, CSS in canonical URLs optimized for SEO and SEO Rich Snippets, fundamental articles / pages and custom post type.
I use XML (not HTML ) for sitemaps and carefully edit [link-omitted] or [link-omitted]cess files when needed. I use different sitemaps for each type of content and country in the case of users from foreign places.
I love dynamic tags in Wordpress and I am not afraid of Visual Composers (Elementor, WP Bakery Lab, Divi)
I quickly learn any CMS.
I often deal with systems that are very different from my background and this amuses me Proud of my transparency in openly stating any of my server side deficiencies before anyone can waste time thinking of me as a Python genius. (I am not , but I am open to improve myself! Study and continuous updating are the challenges I love)
Social Media Expert (Instagram, Pinterest, Twitch) for personal enjoyment I am a lover of healthy and aesthetically appealing food in my time free: > [link-omitted]
Then, in life, I never act according to protocols and I'm an incorrigible humorist
I love to laugh (a lot) and work (a lot) on holistic SEO.
"SEO is everything but Our Searches: SEO is some correct Answer to others' Searches"
Elisabetta Pendola


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