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I'll share your existing post on my Instagram story. I'm also happy to save the pic and put it on my grid too.
I'll make sure I get some comments, likes and saves because I'm in two engagement groups.

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Heather Step

Heather Step

11K Reach

Hi! I'm Heather Step! I'm a widow, a mom, an online English teacher and a blogger. South African mom blogs is there to showcase the work of local bloggers as well and help people set up their own WordPress blogs. I also like to do product reviews on useful products that moms can use.

Some of my successes:

  • Getting four pregnant bloggers to review the prenatal vitamin Chela Preg and linking to their posts. [link-omitted] is one of the best performing on Google. [link-omitted]
  • Comparing two microwaves for LG - that video on YouTube got over 114k views. [link-omitted]
  • This post for mineraline has also done well. The opportunity happened by chance and the products contain dead sea minerals. [link-omitted]
  • I've done a lot of "how to" videos on various products, like the Yoto audio player and a kid's watch. People enjoy a real person giving feedback on these products. 
  • Hosting events for bloggers! This has been so rewarding. 
  • Putting together a course on how to set up your own blog from scratch. 

I'd love to work with you!



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