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1 Video Review on Instagram

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I'll add an Instagram story to accompany a grid post.
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About this offer

I propose to produce high-quality and engaging content featuring your products. These materials will be
tailored to complement your brand's image and messaging, with the sole purpose of enhancing your social media presence. In consideration of the time and effort invested in creating this exclusive content, I kindly
request a discussion regarding monetary compensation.

I believe this collaboration can be mutually beneficial,
contributing to the success of your marketing campaigns.

About the influencer

Jenny Chacon

Jenny Chacon

2K Reach
My name is Jenny and I have been dedicated
over the last three years to take care of my
natural hair after more than a decade of heat

Creating content is my biggest hobby and I
have always dreamed of building a community
to spread the love for natural hair and show
others how to do so.

After giving birth to my first and only child, I
took my time to soak up the first two years of
life of my beautiful daughter and now I am
ready and happy to get back to this dream and
make it happen.

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