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I will Share Your Brand To Our News Station Following

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Make it a pinned post for 5 days
+ $100
Not only will we share it, but it will be the pinned post on the Facebook page for MCCN news for five days for everyone to see over and over again
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About this offer

The madison county news network is the fastest growing and most popular source for news in Madison County, Indiana. Over half of the adult population follows and interacts with our Facebook posts every day. I will write up a line or two to spark interest and share your link with the community for them to click and find you, do business with you, and make you money.

About the influencer

Richard Moghadam

Richard Moghadam

8K Reach

My community follows me because I keep it real, I am a news chaser, I have news chasers that work for me,

Guess what sells

bad news sells; people are curious.

Anderson, Indiana is a small city of around 50,000 people, we are about half an hour from Indianapolis.

I am not one to sugarcoat it; we have a no-fluff policy for news reporting.

We report the local news where no one else does, and our followers are faithful. 

Owner/Operator of the Madison County News Network, Circle City Magazine, Metromedia Funding Solutions,  The Funded Project, and Anderson Handyman

I jump into business, have a loyal following and talk to businesses about how they can grow their customer base, and save money.

Nothing is traditional here,

We can do our own banner ads in news stories, we can produce social media commercials, and we can make people laugh.

Located- Anderson Indiana

We work with other news pages too.


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