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I will product review on blog

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About this offer

I have been blogging since 2009. I routinely write about my experiences and also reviewing movie, product and making tips.
If you want your product reach bigger audience, my blog could do that.

About the influencer

Muhammad Rizal Fikry

Muhammad Rizal Fikry

10K Reach

Hi, My Name is Rizal Fikry. I am an experienced content writer and blogger whom already active since 2009. I am an INdonesian, but i fluent in English whether is written or spoken.

I have started my writing experience since 2009. Back then, I began write my everyday activities in my personal Blog. After graduated from college in 2014, I begin to work as a content writer until now.
I ussually write an SEO friendly articles, listicles, and many more. I am capable to write in a vast 
theme according to request of the client. 
I can do research to find the most effective keyword in an article. I also following the recent updates about articles that can rank high in google search engine.

Personally, I love to write about general tips and article about movie.

You can check my writing at my personal blog [link-omitted].
You can also reach me at my media sosial account which available in this profile.

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