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I will write a high quality and unique blogpost about your product on my blog

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About this offer

I will write a unique and high quality blog post about your product and more specific things based on your order, with specific anchor text as needed. The length of the writing is about 500 - 1000 words.

I do my best to write content as usual, natural and organic in my own voice. And also cite other quality resources like major news publications, non-profit organizations related to my posts. In addition, I include links to several other trusted websites in my blog posts.

Once published, I will share my blog post on my social media channels, such as twitter, LinkedIn, IG story.

Looking forward to your response.

Ririe Khayan

About the influencer

Ririe Khayan

Ririe Khayan

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I'm  a full working mom and a female blogger from Indonesia.

My hobbies are writing, reading, photography and traveling sometimes. I like writing on my blog ririekhayan dot com about parenting, healthy, kids parties, relationships, culinary (food), arts and crafts, education, fashion, and more.

A small thing that I can do and hopefully have a role in realizing my imagination is to optimize my writing skills (I love writing and I'm starting to achieve this after years of hibernation).

By writing, it will automatically be even more intense to read because to be able to make quality writing we need to be diligent and read a lot. Not only reading various books, but also reading social dynamics, the environment and even the development of science and technology.

By being able to make quality writing, hopefully it can bring enlightenment to myself, especially to others who read it, to bring positive impacts that can penetrate the dimensions of space, time, gender, age, race, and socio-economics.

As a mommy millennial, I have an interest in social media and almost everyday use it, as a part of my job & my hobby, as media to searching the literature to improve my acknowledge. 


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