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I will collaborate with you on entertaining blog and social media posts!

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About this offer

I am an experienced blogger and writer with a wonderful audience on social media. I'm very selective over the brands I collaborate with, but there's nothing I love more than creating engaging content that champions your products or services.

My blog primarily focusses on health and lifestyle, and I share my lived experiences of independent living as a disabled young adult. I also regularly write about theatre and the arts, books and reading, fundraising and charity work, and freelance life.

I'm very lucky to have made a name for myself in my community and in the wider world. This year I was named by The Disability Power 100 as one of the most influential disabled people in the UK, and have won various awards and accolades for my blogging and communication consultancy work. I have recently begun exploring opportunities in the mainstream media and I'm excited to see where this might take me in the future.

My blog's DA is currently 35, and I have an audience of over 13,000 brilliant people on Instagram. If you'd be interested in discussing a project of this nature, I'd love to hear from you!

About the influencer

Pippa Stacey

Pippa Stacey

20K Reach

Chronically ill writer and blogger, psychology graduate, book-reader and theatregoer, novelty onesie enthusiast!


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