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I will boost your cryptocurrency or gaming related topics, no scams or nudity

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About this offer


Thank you for reading this. Over the years I have been active in Twitter. I especially love to retweet and like contents about Cryptocurrencies, toys, and gamings, or computer related techs in general.

We can work together on amplifiying your contents. I will retweet or even quote tweet your contents that are related to cryptos, toys, and gamings.

About the influencer

Eko Prasetyo

Eko Prasetyo

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I have been on internet since the 90s. First using emails, and then web searches, news portals, and then sometimes ago I had used Yahoo! Pipes and Google Waves.

If it's on the internet and it's legal, I had tried it, and yes, even sometimes barely legal websites like ad clickers and HYIP sites.  

I am now generating money from the cryptocurrency activities I learned from, you guessed it, the internet. 

Currently I am a petroleum engineer, but my real passion is writing, gaming, and photography.  I occasionally post toy pictures on instagram and video clips of gameplays on youtube.

I am aiming to have incomes from my passions above. Who knows, maybe we can make money together from my writings, and photos.


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