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I will write a post for your brand and publish on my blog

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The blog post will be at least 600 words long and include up to 2 links back to your brand.

The blog post content will include relevant pictures and SEO for your brand.

About the influencer

Paula Marshall

Paula Marshall

37K Reach


I am a busy 35 year old mum of 2. By day I work as a school business manager and by night I love to spend time with my family, blog and stream on Twitch. I have 4 blogs in total, this is my main blog and I also have a money blog. food blog and home blog.

As a family, we love board games, good food and movies :)

We are also very techy, with a combination of games and the latest gadgets.

My main blog has been my space on the internet for almost 10 years and it is somewhere that has evolved over time and it continuing to do so. 

I am open to ideas and suggestions and look forward to talking to you on some ideas and collaborations you may have coming up.

Kind regards



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