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I will look at your site to give my opinion of it.

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About this offer

I am happy to look at your website and give my feedback of the style and set up of you site. I will take my time to look at different things on your site to form a opinion on how easy it is to navigate through it and the different ways I can interact with tabs and description of items/offers. Plus how the overall feel of the site is.

About the influencer

sherree Hancock

sherree Hancock

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I'm a mom of 4 adult kids and 2 furbabies. Love taking photos and love nature photos. Spiritual person. I enjoy doing crafts and make gifts for people. I love giving my honest feedback on things to help not just others buying products or using online products but to also help the seller with how a customer may or may not like a product or something about it. I like taking something that is one thing , like paper napkins, and using them in crafting.  I have Fibromyalgia and have days I cant do much so I enjoy watching tv and doing some self help books or reading. I relax with adult coloring and diamond paintings. my favorite drink is coffee dark and bold with sugar. favorite food is seafood. listen to different kinds of music.  I collect crystals and soft blankets,  when my cats don't take them lol. I'm a caring person and try to help others. I enjoy finding affordable products that are a good value and made with nice materials. I enjoy doing survey sites that aren't only long surveys, playing games on my phone while earning from them. trying new apps I relate to and form my own opinion then some of my friends cause we don't always agree but I also read reviews for them. I try to sign up for samples and coupons to give a product a try.


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