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I will work together.

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Hello, I'm a Rima Angel. I will post our cooperation on my blog in permanent, no delete. I hope we can work together. Thank you.

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Rima Melaty

Rima Melaty

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Moshimoshi.. My name is Rima Angel. You can call me Rima.

I love writing in my blog at [link-omitted] since 5 years ago about my skin condition, my skincare and about makeup too.

I'm a Beauty Blogger. My skin type is acne prone, oily and sensitive skin. I'm a liptint junkies and cushion -  foundation addict. I love makeup so damn much.

I have collaborated with various brands of beauty and other brands for the past 5 years.

My total pageviews is 8.808.163 now. My daily pageviews is more than 2.000 views.

Thank you.


Rima Angel


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