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i'm offering you to share your campaign on my social media and get my followers/friends attentions to your campaign. Making engagament with my freinds related to your campaign

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Eka Fitriani Larasati

Eka Fitriani Larasati

6K Reach

Hello, my name is eka. i'm a blogger and illustrator based on Bandung - Indonesia. i love to write about art, design, beauty, healthy, movies, song, architecture, life style and many more. i love to draw also, using my marker or digital drawing using wacom. 

But i love using pen, marker and watercolour better than digital tools actually. 

i'm offering to write about your campaign on my blog and share it to my social media account.

My background educations its langscape architecture and agriculture. Thats why i love to write about art and design.

I'm also a mother of two. My precious memories and experience as a mom and my daily life with kids become my biggest inspirations of my writing about parenting and lifestyle. 


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