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I will help brand to be known more widely through campaigns on social media :)

1 Video Review on Instagram

Account #1 (23K Reach)

Add-on Services

Add Story
+ $10
I'll add an Instagram story to accompany a grid post.
Extra long review
+ $10
I'll do a Instagram video review in excess of 5min
+ $10
I'll share the Instagram post with all my email subscribers.
Custom graphics
+ $15
I'll include custom graphics on the Instagram video.
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About this offer

What a coincidence, I have around 18K active followers on Instagram. They will love and be curious about what I always share.

Various forms of media with beautiful captions such as videos, reels, stories and carousells can be displayed properly on my account

I accept all forms of compensation from advertisements, sponsorships, affiliates, competitions, giveaways that are not related to alcohol, cigarettes or adult content. And of course, it must be Muslim friendly because I wear a hijab

About the influencer

Elok Fai'qotul Hikmah

Elok Fai'qotul Hikmah

25K Reach

Hi, my name is Elok Faiqotul Hikmah. An Lifestyle & Special Needs blogger who is crazy about sunsets, coffee, poetry, photography and skincare regimen :)

Where [link-omitted] is a lifestyle and personal blog focused on all things life, love, travel, entertainment, children with special needs and occasional poetry and short stories.

This blog was officially released in February 2017 and has partnered with various brands on blogs and social media partnerships.

WORK WITH ME? Okay, let's get acquainted first : [link-omitted]

You can also learn about the policies and disclosures that apply to [link-omitted] via this link [link-omitted]


Elok Faiqotul Hikmah


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