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I will provide accurate details and feedback foryour brand on my YouTube channel

1 Video Review on YouTube

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About this offer

As a content creator on YouTube, it's my duty to bring entertainment and educative contents to my subscribers and other viewers.
CHIZINATION is my YouTube channel, where I focus on my lifestyle, advocate for sickle cell, tutorials and reviews .
Reviewing products for brands is a unique way I have fun, because I get to use the product and give quality and sincere review of the product benefits and what needs to be adjusted, everything will be discussed on my YouTube channel within few minutes. This will also benefit me in the aspect of getting more subscribers to my channel because giving up to date information and honest reviews on my YouTube channel is what I love doing.
reach out to me through my email

About the influencer

Chinenye Uba

Chinenye Uba

489 Reach

Hi! My name is Chinenye uba,

 I am a business entrepreneur, book author, kids coach, affiliate marketer and a rising YouTuber with growing followers, on Instagram, Facebook and TikTok.

I have influenced some healthcare products in my community, ( Neolife food supplement) due to the fact that i am sickle cell anemic, so I get to explore different kinds of drugs, supplements, tea and the rest. And people in my community started using the products , because of the benefits of my review. I have also reviewed several social media applications, and products in Nigeria and ended up convincing people to buy.

I am from Africa, Nigeria precisely.

Hoping to become a big brand influencer soon, and a billionaire while still doing what I love to do- trying products and reviewing them.

I love to explore, travel round the world, inspire people and teach them a thing or two, about myself. I love to sing etc..

I love to have fun basically, it helps me impact in my community..

I am 23 years of age.

I'm fun to work with and deliver on time, please work with me♥️


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