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Hello! I’m Artsy Abby! I have 161,529 followers and I’m a 20 year old musician, mental health advocate and social justice fighter that also teaches people how to make money. I’ve started a new series where I do sponsorships and advertisements for brands/apps/pages and I put them all in a playlist. This goes for ANY category, not just tagged ones. I am very flexible. I have started to write out scripts and if it is an app/websites I show screen-recordings of what there is to offer. I tell my followers as it is and when promoting I put the link to the item in my linktree which is always found in my bio.

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abby burkholder

abby burkholder

10K Reach

I’m known as Artsy Abby and I’m a 20 year old mental health advocate as well as social justice fighter. I raise awareness for world issues and a provide links to articles so people can educate themselves on the subject as well as petitions and relief funds for people in need. I have a lot of links in groups based on events and times. For example, as a member of both the LGBTQ+ and POC communities, I’ve got a lot of links that are relevant right now I’ve added to those specific sections. I also have spreadsheets for peaceful protests depending on event (BLM, Roe v Wade, so on and so forth), state/country and affordable therapy (both singular and group). Those, as well as ALL of my socials where I post original and cover music can all be found in my linktree attached below. [link-omitted]


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