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I will save your pin to one of my board that have more than 30.000 follower

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Account #1 (32K Reach)
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About this offer

i have great account with more than 30.000 follower
so if i save your pin or share your content it will go virals
some of my pin was saved by hundred people
some even reach thousand

About the influencer

Deny Purwanto

Deny Purwanto

45K Reach

International Blogger. Start 2015 i was just an employee at one of publisher company. and in the end of 2017 i start to focus on my blog. now my blog have visted more than thousand reader/day. and sometimes when some event it will reach more than 10K

If you need to publish article for review or event just as a backlink you can contact me. Price is acceptable so dont worry so much hahaha. 

Actually i have more than 10 blog but in here iam only use 2 of my blog. if you need to post much content in much blog you can contact me first.


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